Thursday, February 13

Caution lights.  Astrological signals are mixed this morning.  The Sun and Moon make a positive trine at 7:17 am PST.  

But Luna quickly moves on to square, fight with, realistic and poopy Saturn at 10:46 am.  A fight of some kind, or challenge, is likely as the Moon then sextiles feisty Mars at 1:40 pm and turns Void of Course until she enters intense Scorpio at 4:37 pm.  

Another curveball is more likely when the Moon opposes unpredictable Uranus at 9:54 pm Thursday night.  

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, February 13

  1. Wren Withers

    Thanks as always for your guidance Lance. Yesterday finalized some important legal docs before Mercury Rx sets in.

    I was to have my bathroom updated tomorrow, but the installer got sick. Is it OK to reschedule for during Mercury Rx? Or should I wait until after. Is a quality firm that does these installs all the time, so not new for them, but new for me.


  2. Lance Ferguson

    yes, it’s ok, Wren….there is no real judgment in this…standard people who do the work and you know you want it…go ahead.


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