Thursday, February 14

A spacey beginning.

The Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 4:56 am PST this morning and travels on to oppose opinionated Jupiter at 12:56 pm.

The best hours of the day for seeing your Valentine follow as the Moon sails out into calm waters and finally makes a lovely trine to the Sun at 11:49 pm Thursday night.

Quiet hours follow.  

As times change.

5 thoughts on “Thursday, February 14

  1. Kathy

    Lance any ideas about dreams I have had vivid strange dreams every night and early morning these past few days since Monday

  2. lance Ferguson

    Dreams are ruled by Neptune and the sign Pisces…

    Mercury, the thinker, entered Pisces last Sunday, the 10th….so you are likely not alone in having lots of dreams now. More to follow as Mercury turns Retrograde in Pisces in March and will thus stay in this water sign until April 15.

    1. Kathy

      And …. Hubbie who never dreams says he too has been dreaming a lot past 4 days .. and happy belated Valentine’s Day Lance …

    2. Babs

      Definitely not alone!! The amount / various dreams has really increased! Thanks Lance for your post!! I guess dream on….


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