Thursday, February 6

Feelings count today.  The Moon is traveling through home sign, emotional Cancer today — moods can be cranky, and it will be hard to predict who is agreeable and who is not.

The Moon opposes bombastic Jupiter at 1:14 pm PST encouraging unrealistic ideas and concepts.  The best hour of the day follows as Luna then trines, agrees with, sensitive, psychic and compassionate Neptune at 5:15 pm.   Clear skies follow.  

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, February 6

  1. beth

    I am curious what effect all these heavies have on each of us, (Pluto Saturn & soon Jupiter) ?
    They are in my 7th house, soon they will hit my 8th house. & also square Uranus, oh boy!

  2. Lance Ferguson

    Pluto wants you to let go of people, matters and things that are not healthy and to create order out of chaos. Saturn asks you to think long-range and to be responsible and realistic. Jupiter rules all forms of expansion and education – he urges you to grow in some manner (if not your mind, he will help grow your butt.)


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