Thursday, January 14

Unfocused and yet powerful. The Moon turns Void of Course at 1:28 am PST early this morning and remains in this unfocused state until Friday afternoon!

The main event is a conjunction, a meeting in the heavens, of the Sun and powerful Pluto at 6:10 am. Pluto rules death and rebirth. So this is a good day to let bad habits and dishonest relationships die and to put new plans into motion that are healing and positive.

Pluto is the champ of solving problems and researching new ideas. He will also prompt some folks to overstate their worth and be blowhards. Pluto rules solutions and problems; everyone gets to pick their contribution to today’s events—the stars impel, they don’t compel.

As times change.

9 thoughts on “Thursday, January 14

  1. Stephen

    I am half wondering what this conjunction means for my 90 yo mother, whose solar return is today. (Her calendar birthday is tomorrow.) Unfortunately, none of her family can be with her due to pandemic restrictions, but local friends are organising a little party for her and we have all sent video greetings. But it’s hard not to feel as if Pluto is a messenger of death. Which of course is a little irrational since someone that old is bound to pass away at some point anyway.

  2. Merle Morrigan

    Lance, I noticed you said Pluto is a ‘he.’ Where did the ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspects of a planet originate?


  3. Jennifer Loe

    Dear Lance,”become a member and start using all the dates in the monthly issues to schedule important meetings, etc.” But how do I use all the dates in the monthly issue when I can only access the date of posting? Please help me , your member of 20 plus years, Jennifer Loe

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Hi Jennifer, to see the entire month of SW you need to sign in with your username and password that you chose when you signed up. Sounds like that is not happening. When you do that (sign in) you will have access to the monthly pdf, that is where you find a report for each day of the month. If you need help with this, please contact me at and we can get this sorted out for you.

  4. lance ferguson

    Merle…I just had to pick a sex and chose he…not from any other reason…could say she as well…since he/she rules Scorpio which is feminine sign.

    Stephen…nobody really “knows” what the Sun Pluto conjunction in your mom’s SR means…could be rebirth as well as death..clues are how it interacts with the other planets and the rest of her chart…
    however, I will say you cannot see death in a chart…so skip the worry.

  5. lance ferguson

    oops, misread your note Merle…male and female titles…from their nature…Sun, Mars and Jupiter are male elements. Moon, Venus are clearly female…rest are up for grabs..Mercury is bi but that’s about it.


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