Thursday, January 24

Up, down, caution lights. 

The Moon trines healing Pluto at 5:50 am PST this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters Libra at 08:02 pm Thursday night. 

Our intuition and judgment can be a bit cloudy when the Moon is V/C. Best to hold off on making important purchases and decisions during this part of the lunar cycle as the outcome often is not as desired.

Evening hours are good for heavy conversations at the Moon trines Mercury at 10:56 pm.  This is a good day to help others and network, but save the important stuff for Friday. 

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, January 24

  1. Kay Wise

    Hi Lance and Mac, glad you were safe from the storm. Can you please remind me where to find the expiration date of our membership? I can’t seem to locate it. Thanks.

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Hi there, yes, we are fine, not right on the water. Your expiration date is Mar 2. About 30 days prior you should get a friendly reminder email. Hope all is well with you and Glen. Happy New Year.


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