Thursday, July 11

Danger.  Caution lights.

 One of the most dangerous squares we see in the Skywatch appears in the heavens this morning as feisty Mars squares unpredictable and distracted Uranus, exact at 10:59 am PDT.

Mercury Retrograde increases the chances of accidents, breakdowns, and power failures with this square.  Luckily, the rest of the Skywatch today is good. The Moon sextiles Saturn at 8:41 am and then trines psychic Neptune at 11:28 am.  

The best hours of the day for important calls and business follow as the Moon trines the Sun at 12:33 pm and then sextiles healing Pluto at 5:28 pm but Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until tomorrow morning.

Be cool, safe, and sober tonight with the big square still hanging out.  

As times change.

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