Thursday, July 12

Power.  There’s a lot of energy in the Skywatch today.

The Sun opposes powerful Pluto at 3:01 am PDT early this morning, and he stays in the spotlight as a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, exact at 7:48 pm, lines up exactly opposite to the planet that rules death and rebirth.

Positive markers make the morning hours stellar for priority calls and business as the Moon trines lucky Jupiter at 8:12 am and travels on to trine creative and psychic Neptune at 121:57 pm.

Pluto can bring a healing or a challenge, and both are more likely as the Moon opposes the planet that rules transformation and the Force at 6:43 pm.  Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

Add it up, and this is an excellent day to let go of negative people and situations—and to plant a seed for future benefits.  Cancer rules your guts—trust your feelings today.

As times change.  (Happy Birthday, dear Leslie!)

9 thoughts on “Thursday, July 12

  1. Jackie Carter

    Happy Birthday, Leslie. You are a powerful and supportive force in his life. May you have many more years of Health, Happiness and Joy.
    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Lia

    Happy Birthday Leslie! 🙂 Wishing you many Blessings and a very magical year ahead!

    My Solar Return is on Sunday.


  3. Beth Haggerty

    So glad I checked my online version – to learn about your birthday, Leslie. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY – LOVE AND PEACE!!!

  4. thomas randall SMETHERS

    Happy Birthday!! How does it feel to know you & Lance are helping so many people?
    Blessings to you Both…Tommy

  5. Pam

    Wishing you lots of chocolate as well as happiness and health for your birthday Leslie! You and Lance make the world a better place..


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