Thursday, July 16

Dress for success. Green lights are up today for work or play. The Moon in clever Gemini will help you communicate easily and clearly to others—speak up. Clear skies prevail from sunrise to sunset. The kisses in the Skywatch appear Thursday night when the Moon sextiles courageous Mars at 7:26 pm and then meets, conjuncts, lovely Venus in the heavens at 11:40 pm. Likely many folks will be into the cookie jar this evening. Good night kisses are more likely, too. Venus loves both. As times change.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, July 16

  1. Marlene

    Hi Lance,
    Just want to thank you for our daily skywatch; I truly appreciate it the info!!! I hope you and Leslie are doing well and staying healthy!!!
    Have a great day!!

  2. lance ferguson

    thanks, Marlene. We are well and masked up…sitting tight…eating pizza in a little park from the tail gate and feeding the gray squirrel and a fat crow who come to beg goodies. Strange times…hope you, too, are well…blessings to you.


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