Thursday, June 15

Stay conservative.

The Sun opposes perfectionistic and conservative Saturn at 3:17 am PDT early this morning just as the Moon enters dreamy and psychic Pisces. This is a strange pair that contradicts each other.

Saturn rules concrete; Neptune rules fog and clouds. So you might have a strange morning event that makes no sense.

Put off important stuff for the afternoon hours if you can as Saturn fades from view and the Moon makes a high-energy trine to Mars at 5:32 pm.

Even better, Luna sails on to make a welcome sextile to sweet Venus at 10:08 pm when I probably will get into the cookie jar. But if you are on a first date, it could also be a good night kiss.

As times change.

1 thought on “Thursday, June 15

  1. Kristin Ness

    This made me laugh! Last week on the15th, I was on a service trip in Guatemala, up in the mountains. I was literally mixing concrete up in the clouds!


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