Thursday, March 16

Tune in. Green lights.

The Moon in aware Scorpio trines or harmonizes with psychic Neptune in the heavens at 8:25 am PDT this morning. Clear skies follow.

But remember, Venus is Retrograde. Love is another Venus gift. She gets confused about the feeling during the Rx. Even established relationships often go through a minor testing or exploration time. New relationships formed during the Rx may not end up being as expected or even wanted.

And here’s the rub: Venus will turn direct in motion on Tax day, April 15, and that means some folks are going to be really shocked about their taxes—that’s my guess as Venus ends the Rx cycle in dreamy and dialed out Pisces.

Meanwhile, be careful with spending money and your love until this period ends. Evening hours are good for something with positive intentions as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 10:05 pm increasing your ability to pull it off.

As times change

6 thoughts on “Thursday, March 16

  1. Stephen

    What about a love interest contact that was initiated before Venus Rx (me writing a letter on 4 January), but where the letter got delayed in the post for two months and the love interest person only received it after Venus Rx began? We are in regular, positive contact now. I’d hate to think it’s all a Venus Rx mirage. 🙂

  2. lance ferguson

    the main thing is to look below the surface….during Venus Rx we tend to get blown away by what someone looks like and don’t consider the real issues and who the person really is….that’s the real issue…get to know this person before you build up your hopes.

  3. Barbara Gaskill

    I do not see March 30th on the on the Skywatch. I just made a Dr. appointment for that day wanted to see if that is o. k. – only one available! Thanks Barbara

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Good catch Barbara! I have corrected (added) March 30 on the website but here it is also:

      Caution lights. The main event in the Skywatch today is Jupiter making a square to Pluto at 1:41 am PDT Thursday morning. The last time this happened was last Thanksgiving when I had a stroke. And this time…I neglected to get the square into the daily reports…none of my editors caught it either. Don’ gamble today and play it very safe. Jupiter tends to go overboard in promises and expectations. Pluto can complicate matters and make a small mistake much bigger. Finances are in the spotlight today with the Moon in money sign Taurus – be careful with all purchases. Luna sextiles psychic Neptune at 5:34 am PDT but meets impatient Mars in the heavens at 8:49 am. The Moon trines Pluto at 4:12 pm which is the best moment to make an important call. Keep it simple and safe Thursday night – the vampires will be out. As times change.

  4. Paul Smethers

    I have lost some intimate friends during Venus Rx–the relationships started bubbling up over the edges as the Rx period wore on–cataclysmic separations followed. I trust Merc Rx much more than Venus–she’s so deceitful. 🙂 Anything new that comes up during Venus Rx is untrustworthy, as far as I’m concerned. The real thing is knowing who I am during Venus Rx–that’ where the problems she brings can best be settled.

  5. lance ferguson

    march 30 is quacky…jupiter squares Pluto that day.

    yes, Paul, Venus Rx is when relationships can be lost, strained…sad times…and you are right…
    the real thing is being genuine and centered so you don’t give a false impression.


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