Thursday, March 8

Be skeptical. The Moon sails happily through optimistic Sagittarius today and morning hours are the best for important calls and appointments. Caution lights kick on as the Moon squares foggy Neptune at 5:53 pm.

The main event in the Skywatch follows as Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, begins to Retrograde at 8:46 pm. This event ups the b.s. level in the weeks ahead and urges you to be careful with expanding a situation before you have thought it all through.  This short Rx period happens every year and will end on July 10.

Notable, Jupiter stays in powerful and potentially healing Scorpio in this window of time.

Retrogrades turn us back to the past and thus the suggestion comes up of ending/healing a matter from the painful side of our history during this Rx cycle.

As times change.

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