Thursday, May 10

A dreamy start.

The Moon meets dream-maker Neptune at 3:28 am PDT early Thursday morning. But astrological skies clear quickly past this moment as Luna travels on to trine upbeat Jupiter at 7:26 am.

Step lightly as the Moon then squares touchy Venus at 9:45 am.  Green lights come on for work or play a few minutes later as the Skywatch improves in a big way as the Moon  sextiles/harmonizes with the Sun at 10:58 am.

The calm balance in a Sun-Moon trine or sextile creates an excellent time to interview for a new job and/or to make important decisions and purchases.

Another kiss, a positive marker, follows as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 1:13 pm. Here’s a good time for a meeting or sales call—you can get to the heart of matters quickly with this pair.

Quiet hours follow for the rest of the day and night.  As times change.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, May 10

  1. Richard L.

    Looking ahead a bit, I am concerned about a major conjunction of Moon, Mercury, and Uranus in late Aries on Sunday — with all 3 squaring Mars in late Capricorn! Mars energy out the wazoo, in other words. Any thoughts on this stressful, intense configuration?

  2. lance Ferguson

    Pretty hot group and squares….time to not let anger rule the moment…and if you do get angry, stay out of your car…all kinds of accidents are more likely with Mars and Uranus. Be extra careful with electricity – Uranus ruled. Use this energy by taking a walk, cleaning out the pantry…the old line in astrology is if you don’t use the energy, it will use you…so, with Mars, get busy, maybe write a letter you need to write with Mercury involved. Most of all, be conscious that other folks might act out in crazy ways. And be very careful with anything dangerous. Keep a close eye on the kids and critters, too, as small problems can get out of hand with this group of planets all in a cluster-f**k.

  3. Richard L.

    Thanks Lance — Good info and advice. I just hope there isn’t some violent international ‘incident’ under this influence.

    Richard L.


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