Thursday, May 13

Green lights and a big change for the better.

The Moon in witty Gemini trines realistic Saturn at 9:03 am PDT and flies on to meet ruler Mercury at 11:32 am setting up a stellar morning for priority calls and appointments.

Lucky Jupiter enters Pisces, a sign he co-rules with Neptune, at 3:36 pm. This shift makes lucky Jupiter more powerful in our lives, increases your creative flashes, and is likely to make your dreams more helpful and intense.

Jupiter will stay in this water sign until July 28 and then back into Aquarius before returning to the sign of the Fishes in late December. Pisces rules the feet in the body setting up a nice window of time for buying shoes and seeing a podiatrist should you have any problems with your feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if a popular new shoe fashion appears at this time, too.

As times change.

1 thought on “Thursday, May 13

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