Thursday, May 14

Put your will to work on Thursday.

There is lots of static in the heavens today as the Sun and Moon square at 7:03 am PDT and Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters psychic Pisces at 6:24 pm.

Remember, too, that Venus is now Retrograde — be careful with spending your money and love — mistakes, misunderstandings, and faulty judgments are more likely now — be very, very sure of what you are buying.

The good news in today’s Skywatch comes from a trine between the Sun and powerful Pluto, the planet that rules your will, among other things. Exact at 11:49 pm; the strength in this trine will be with you all day and night.

Hold off on finalizing matters with the Moon V/C but ask for what you want today and set up something good for the days ahead.

As times change.

1 thought on “Thursday, May 14

  1. Marlene

    Lance, Thank you for doing the skywatch!! It’s nice to know how to really plan your day and what to watch out for…it’s helpful!!
    thank you and you and Leslie have a good day!!!


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