Thursday, May 17

Sweet.  The Moon meets agreeable beautifier Venus in the heavens at 11:18 am PDT Thursday morning. This is a good time to interview for a new job or to get a haircut.

Caution lights kick on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 2:47 pm Thursday afternoon. Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C as our intuition and judgment are not sharp during this part of the Moon’s cycle.

Green lights kick back on once the Moon changes signs and then makes a sextile to friendly Uranus at 2:59 pm Thursday afternoon. Calm skies fill the rest of the day and night hours.

Moon in Cancer = feelings count, the truth is in your guts.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, May 17

  1. lance Ferguson

    check out the evening sky and you’ll see the Moon and Venus together…lovely sight, Skywatchers..

  2. lance Ferguson

    yup…when Uranus entered Aries, the tsunami hit the nuclear plant in Japan…

    big planets changing signs often do this…now Uranus in Taurus is announcing a new era…

    Pluto entering Capricorn in 2008 signaled the start of the recession…


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