Thursday, May 9

Mixed signals. There’s an unusual pair of aspects in the heavens this morning.

Venus makes a trine to lucky Jupiter at 9:56 am PDT but quickly travels on to make a challenging square to dogmatic Pluto at 10:18 am which will encourage some folks to manipulate the facts and to resist your efforts and ideas.

Double check all financial transactions with this square in power today. Luna trines psychic Neptune at 9:55 am and then sextiles the Sun at 10:57 am offering the best moments of the day for important calls and business.

New challenges show up in the heavens this afternoon as the Moon opposes serious Saturn at 1:44 pm and then opposes obsessive Pluto at 6:19 pm. The chances for disagreements remain high as the Moon then squares lazy Venus at 7:06 pm.

This is not the night to talk budgets.

As times change.

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