Thursday, May18

Start early…the Skywatch is very good for handling priority calls and business Thursday morning. Luna in friendly Aquarius sextiles both sign rulers, Saturn and Uranus at 2:06 pm PDT.

Pull back a bit as the Sun and Moon form a challenging square at 5:33 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Pisces at 8:52 pm. The main event follows as Saturn and Uranus blend energies in a trine at 11:19 pm. This marker first appeared in the heavens last December and will appear again in the Skywatch in November. And again, this is a good evening to meet new friends and to join in group activities—both ruled by Uranus.

This is a good period of time to make changes in your life and career and to buy or deal with computers and high tech stuff. Inventions that appear now could be revolutionary and valuable—Uranus rules all.

This is an exceptionally fine aspect to see in the heavens for all Aquarians as these planets are your rulers. And for all of us, in every birth chart, Aquarius rules a house or section of your chart that will get an extra kick of positive energy from this trine—planets in Aquarius, too, will get a boost.

As times change.

5 thoughts on “Thursday, May18

  1. Cindy

    My husband and I live in Fort Worth and are planning to travel to stay with friends outside Nashville and view the solar eclipse this August. Our friends live pretty much directly under the center path of the shadow. Other than our birth charts and the overall effects of the eclipse, is there any significance, astrologically, to physically being under the shadow?

  2. Stephanie

    What if my North Node is at 29 degrees Aquarius in the very beginning of the 10th house? Thank you!

  3. l

    ok…the Eclipse hitting your north node suggests contacts with people who help you fulfil your destiny….it’s a good conttact…the tenth is a public house…could help you with your ambitions…

    1. Stephanie

      Right on, Lance. You just can’t make this stuff up. Thanks, again. Part of Fortune is also in Aquarius, end of 8th house/9th. A lot of manifesting going on right now with what you describe.


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