Thursday, November 14

Foggy, maybe deceitful.

Every planet has light and dark sides.  When planets are in trines or sextiles, they tend to show their best sides.  In squares, oppositions, and some conjunctions, these same planets are much more likely to generate difficult situations and energy.  

Today, Neptune is in the spotlight.  In a sextile or trine, Neptune is creative, compassionate, and a spiritual energy.  The Moon squares Neptune this morning at 6:33 am PST followed by Venus making a square to Neptune at 9:07 am.  

Confusion, deceit, prevarication are all more likely with this line-up.  Venus rules your money and financial matters — double-check all today as errors and expensive mistakes can cost you with these squares in the Skywatch.  

Astrological skies clear in the hours that follow but realize that the Venus Neptune square will still be a factor in the events of today and even into tonight when the love side of Venus can be fooled by Neptune’s deception.  

As times change.

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