Thursday, November 8

Good news! Take your time with chores and calls this morning as the Moon is Void of Course from early hours until she enters optimistic Sagittarius at 10:59 am PST.

Green lights for work or play come on at this moment as the Moon travels on to meet lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 11:06 am.  Making this conjunction extremely positive is that Jupiter enters home sign Sagittarius at 4:38 am Thursday morning.

Helpful to all us for the next 12 months, the planet of good luck and expansion in his home sign gets more juice and the ability to work some magic in our life and times.  Yes, yes, yes.

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to set sail on a major change or direction in your life, this surge of positive energy creates a good one to launch your endeavors.

Evening hours are upbeat and very good for social plans. As times change.

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