Thursday, October 15

Caution lights.

We have just one big aspect in the heavens today, and it can lead to big trouble. The self-absorbed Sun makes a square to compulsive and manipulative Pluto at 3:15 am PDT early this morning.

In power all day and night, this square can make some folks very sensitive to pressure of any kind. The best use of this energy is to clean out your desk or the pantry.

Pluto urges are easily used bringing order out of chaos. Luckily, the Moon in gentle Libra sails out into calm seas all day and night. Just use a light touch today and you’ll likely not notice the square.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, October 15

  1. william rippey

    Will this be a ok and safe day Thurs. Oct. 15 to finish mowing the back lawn? This multi-retrograde period of the last two months has been pure hell for me. It’s getting so I expect a new breakdown or miscommunication each and every day. Double billings, appliance breakdowns, trees down, repairmen not showing up, defective products, you name it.


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