Thursday, October 12

Step lightly. Caution flags are out this morning as the Moon squares the Sun at 5:25 am PDT and then squares messenger Mercury at 10:33 am.

Double-check the details around this last square as misunderstandings and errors are more likely. Green lights come on at the Moon sextiles eager Mars at 12:52 pm. A mixed bag of aspects follows.

The main event is clever Mercury sextiling dependable Saturn at 8:03 pm which fosters practical plans and thinking. However, the Moon squares contrary Uranus at 6:10 pm which could uncover a new truth.

The kiss of the day follows as the Moon sextiles sweet Venus at 8:59 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters fiery Leo at 11:41 pm and travels on to square Jupiter after midnight at 00:43 am.

As times change.


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