Thursday, October 17

Speak up. The Moon in Gemini sails out into calm air this morning — green lights are up for work or play.

The only exact marker in the Skywatch today is a kiss: Moon trine determined Mars, exact at 12:11 pm PDT.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night. Geminis love to talk - suspect you’ll be feeling like the same tonight.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Thursday, October 17

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Hi Sharon, for those of you who are now “online” members please go to the MEMBERS link on the top of the front page of the website. Enter your username and password that you selected. This will put you into the member’s area, where you will find all of the monthly pdfs as well as the 2019 Skywatch Datebook.


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