Thursday, October 19

Unpredictable.  This is an unusual day in the Skywatch.

We have a New Moon in peaceful Libra that sits exactly opposite Uranus, the planet that rules unexpected changes on Thursday.  A high energy sweep of aspects this morning is likely to be upsetting to some, and joyful to others.

The Moon sextiles realistic Saturn at 6:24 am PDT but a flakey Sun-Uranus opposition follows at10:34 am.  The Moon also lines up opposite jumpy Uranus and meets the Sun in a New Moon at 12:12 pm.

Uranus is the rebel, and I don’t even want to speculate on the problems teachers will experience on playground duty today.  Problems with electricity, computers, and fools are also more likely.  And the chances of confusion increase as the Moon turns Void of course after meeting the Sun and remains V/C until she enters “take no prisoners” Scorpio at 6:41 pm.

Good news follows as the Moon meets Jupiter in Scorpio for the first time in the heavens in this new Jupiter era at 10:41 pm Thursday night.  This is a lovely moment to express your feelings and to ask for the same in relationships.

And if you are meeting someone new this evening, this could easily be the beginning of a flame that would never go out.

As times change.

8 thoughts on “Thursday, October 19

  1. Jack M

    This is why I love astrology. I have been feeling this crazy, out of control energy since I fell asleep and had intense dreams last night. I feel it this morning as well. Then I read this post for today, and I think, oh there’s a reason for all this. And, even more importantly, This Too Shall Pass!

  2. Pisces wanderer

    Earthquake drill and evacuation drill planned at elementary schools today at 10:20ish PT. This will get the ball rolling! Kids have been a little more crazy of late on playground too.

  3. lance Ferguson

    Uranus rules electricity…altenating current is the idea…and lightning…maybe you get a flash of it today….and Uranus rules the truth….listen closely today.

  4. lance Ferguson

    hard to be a kid and good when Uranus is around…even adults succumb to the desire to rebel and act out – let’s see what comes out of the White House today….

  5. Marlene

    I hope you and Leslie have a wonderful day and it’s almost Friday and the week-end! Thank you for your skywatch; I check it almost every day and share your info with my friends at work!!

    Take care!!

  6. Myrna

    Was up at 4am mentally fixing a construction snafu. Got it worked out in the morning but then just felt weird and moody. Remembered it’s new moon day and came here to check the weather. I have sun opposite Uranus Nataly and I was just buzzing for a couple of hours today.

  7. Stephen

    Well, Uranus was exactly trine my natal Sun, and the new Moon was therefore exactly sextile my natal Sun. With that kind of positive setup, I found a solution to a 20-year-old problem, fittingly enough in an online discussion group. 🙂


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