Thursday, October 3

Changes. There’s a fog bank in the heavens this morning as the Moon squares dreamy and unrealistic Neptune at 10:15 am PDT.

The best hours of the day follow and green lights come on as the Moon conjuncts/meets lucky and optimistic Jupiter in the heavens at 1:40 pm. Here’s a stellar moment for a sales call or to ask a favor.

Changes in the Skywatch today include clever Mercury entering analytical Scorpio and Mars entering partnership sign Libra. Both changes can shift attitudes and thinking around your home or office.

In Scorpio, Mercury digs out secrets; in Libra, Mars fights for justice and the truth. Evening skies are clear and good for social plans with the Moon still in upbeat Sagittarius.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, October 3

  1. Richard Bsharah

    How can I check for planets and points between 20 and 26 degrees of CARDINAL signs Aries, Cancer,Libra and Capricorn ?

  2. lance

    you can use an ephemeris…which tells you where the planets are day by day…
    don’t know what you are asking…explain in a new post.


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