Thursday, October 31

Caution lights. A positive ringer, Moon conjunct optimistic Jupiter, exact at 7:29 am PDT, opens the door to good vibes this morning. But the door closes shut a minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters dependable Capricorn at 7:38 pm Thursday night.

More difficult is that tricky Mercury turns Retrograde at 8:42 am. Problems with communications and transportation are all more likely over the next 20 days. Delays, mix-ups, and folks saying things they wish they hadn’t are also more likely until Mercury turns direct in motion on November 20.

Trick or treaters need to be careful in high traffic neighborhoods and with what goes into their bags of goodies as this Rx cycle is in Scorpio, which sometimes brings the creeps out who want to hurt people.

I hate to say that but better safe than sorry tonight.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, October 31

  1. Lance Ferguson

    Watching the news and traffic reports on Seattle TV stations this morning – Mercury Rx is here…back-ups on every freeway…hope you make it to work on time….high winds in California, too…Mercury rules the winds…and notice the underdogs won the Series…another Rx tendency…let’s see what happens in the NFL this weekend. I’d send the little ones out with flashlights tonight…all kinds of oddball things are possible tonight.

  2. Joyce Loewen

    Hi Leslie,

    I mailed in a check for one year subscription and 2020 datebook. I have received the date book but not the November skywatch. I do not have a log on to download.


    Also, what is the current cost of personnel readings. I’m do and I have a friend that I would like to gift.

  3. Lance Ferguson

    Joyce….the fee for readings is $150…please send a check/mo…with date, time and city of birth….want a natal reading or timing? Let me know in the note with the check and add any questions, areas of concern…will send back your chart and hour long cd with reading…about a two week delivery time right now…send to Skywatch, PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231


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