Thursday, September 10

Morning fog is from the Moon squaring dreamy Neptune at 5:16 am PDT. But that’s the only exact quack in the heavens today.

Green lights come on at dawn as the Skywatch clears. Well, almost. Mars in high octane Aries is now backing up on the bases—it’s like we are driving in reverse and need to be extra cautious about how fast and where we are going.

Headaches, cuts, burns, and mechanical troubles all are under the warrior planet’s rule. He doesn’t get into trouble today as the Moon makes a sextile to Mars at 9:48 pm.

Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. S till, best to slow down and think twice before jumping into the action with Mars Rx.  As times change.

1 thought on “Thursday, September 10

  1. lance ferguson

    October Skywatch is ready for your desktop….to get a copy send me a long, self addressed and stamped envelope and a one dollar bill and I’ll put your copy into the post pronto. Send to Skywatch, PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231. Both Mars and Mercury are Retrograde in October – it’s the most difficult month of the year in astrology and you’ll want to know more about how this energy plays out. Aries, Scorpio, Gemini and Virgo birth signs especially as these planets are your rulers.


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