Thursday, September 13

Is it real or Memorex?  Most of the energy in the Skywatch today is good for work or play.

The Moon in Scorpio sextiles Mercury at 1:02 pm PDT and then trines psychic Neptune at 1:51 pm.  The difficulty today comes from clever Mercury lining up in opposition to dreamy Neptune, exact at 6:32 pm.

Neptune aspects amp up your creative energy and help you read between the lines. But Neptune can also fog up your thinking and inspire some pilgrims to exaggerate or hide the facts.

Stay conservative and double-check the details today, and you’ll likely not suffer from Neptune’s tendency to confuse matters.

Evening hours are stellar for social plans and introductions as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 8:58 pm and then conjuncts upbeat Jupiter at 9:33 pm opening the door to understanding and a positive reaction to your words Thursday night.

As times change.

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