Thursday, September 17

Today is another mixmaster. The problem child is tricky Mercury making a square to bombastic Jupiter at 3:34 am PDT infecting the day with a tendency to boast and B.S. folks about what you know/think.

The good news in today’s Skywatch is a lovely New Moon in realistic Virgo that trines dependable Saturn at 4:42 am. However, Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters gentle Libra at 11:56 am.

Green lights kick on at this moment and just what we need to combat Jupiter’s excess shows up in the heavens at 2:36 pm when the Sun trines reliable Saturn.

This is a sterling marker and a very good time to schedule important appointments and meetings. And these good vibes carry into evening hours as the Skywatch clears.

And times change.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, September 17

  1. Merle Morrigan

    My kitchen is clean (!) my culinary tasks (cut up chicken and vacuum seal meals for a month) and I even shampooed half my carpet (it looks and smells so nice!) Don’tcha just love Virgo-Virgo?

  2. Scott

    What is the “If Your Birthday Is This Week” forecast for the year ahead? I want to share it with my friend whose birthday is Sept. 18. Thanks.


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