Tuesday, April 10

Mixmaster.  There is an unusual mix of energies in the Skywatch today.

Morning hours are best for important calls and biz. But there are two strong markers building power all day long also in force. The problem is that the Sun squares demanding Pluto at 9:51 pm PDT. This square inflames the ego of the weak and is likely to put a challenging tone into conversations on Tuesday.

Most helpful is that Venus trines Mars tonight at 11:02 pm. This aspect encourages compromise and a win-win situation. It’s a sexy pair, too and an inspiration to mingle. Likely you’ll run into both behaviors on Tuesday: someone manipulative and bullish from the square, and others who are accommodating and worthwhile from the trine. The part you play is up to you. The stars impel, they don’t compel.

As times change.

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