Tuesday, April 17

This is a day of Grace.  Green lights are up as a series of positive markers line up in the Skywatch today.

A valuable Venus-Pluto trine at 6:02 am PDT opens the door to positive connections and agreements this morning.   An energetic Moon-Mars trine follows at 6:48 am and the Skywatch is very good for cosmetic surgery, financial planning, and any kind of situation that is healing/profitable in some way.

Afternoon hours are wrapped in aspects of agreement as the Moon opposes lucky Jupiter, trines healing Pluto and then meets/conjuncts sweet Venus in the heavens all by 3:05 pm Tuesday afternoon.  This is an unusually powerful and potentially life-changing series of events in the heavens with the Moon now in Venus-ruled Taurus.

Caution lights kick on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. The good vibes remain Tuesday night.

An odd twist to the Skywatch is that Saturn begins to Retrograde at 6:47 pm this evening.  Not a bright note to the day of itself, but it marks the beginning of a series of planetary Retrograde cycles up ahead—there will be five planets all driving in reverse by Summer.

As times change.

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