Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sit tight.  There’s a big storm in the heavens this week as lucky Jupiter lines up in a challenging square to dangerous Pluto.

Most folks will not notice, but this is not the time to press your luck or to ignore the speed limits.  This pair shows up in the Skywatch when divorces, bankruptcies, and legal problems can complicate people’s lives.  This is the last negative connection between these two giants.  Their last square appeared in the heavens last Thanksgiving ( I had a stroke that morning, and my personal astro was lousy).

Squares put pressure into our lives  (usually at the weakest link) and bring challenges typically related to the planets involved.  Pluto rules life and death.  Jupiter adds a legal element and gets in trouble by trying to do too much too quickly.  The positive side of this square creates a good time to clean up old messes and to eliminate negative people and situations from your environment - make this square “the end” of a negative piece of your life and times and use the energy of the square to your advantage.

Meanwhile, stay conservative and realize that many folks will promise more than they can deliver and try to sell you something under Jupiter’s influence.  Luckily, the rest of Monday’s Skywatch is good for work or play.

The Moon enters Jupiter’s sign, Sagittarius, early this morning and sails out into calm seas.  Jupiter and Sag are optimistic and upbeat – just double check the details when the Moon squares distracted Mercury at 7 pm PDT Tuesday evening.  An upbeat Moon-Mars trine follows at 9:30 pm which won’t make it easy to get the kids in bed.  Or you.

As times change.

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