Tuesday, August 7

Things are slowing down in the Skywatch.  We began the month with Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury all Retrograde, or appearing to be backing up on the bases.

Today Uranus also begins to Retrograde which ups the number of Rx planets to six.  Matters tend to get complicated and often delay during these Rx cycles.

The rest of Tuesday’s Skywatch is good if a bit unfocused.  The Moon turns Void of Course early this morning and remains V/C until she enters Cancer at 9:01 pm PDT Tuesday night.  In this window of time, sweet Venus makes a trine to assertive Mars Rx at 5:33 pm.

This trine can be hot pants in high places or an urge to splurge and buy something unnecessary but beautiful or high status.  This pair also helps you meet new people with high energy and tends to make new connections profitable and comfortable, so this is a good day to network.

Just hold off on finalizing matters while the Moon is V/C.  The peace from the trine may end this evening as the Moon squares Venus at 11:09 pm.  Or it could be the cookie jar is empty.

As times change.

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