Tuesday, December 15

Green lights.

Sociable Venus sextiles dependable Saturn at 5:00 am PST this morning casting a positive spin on meetings and calls today. The Moon trines friendly Uranus at 7:22 am and then sails out into calm waters for the rest of the day and night.

Venus again claims the spotlight this morning as she enters optimistic Sagittarius for a thirty day run at 8:21 am.

As times change.

1 thought on “Tuesday, December 15

  1. lance ferguson

    If you’ve never seen a Datebook or the monthly issue of Skywatch, go up top on this page and click on “sample” and it will take you to examples of both.

    Venus in Sag, a fire sign, signals a good month long period of time for all the fire signs, Aries and Leo, to feel the love and give it as well. Venus loves chocolate and everything sweet…it’s a good time to update your cookie recipes.


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