Tuesday, February 5

Green lights. Astrological skies are clear this morning.

We get an energy boost from a lively Moon-Mars sextile at 5:49 am PST and Luna then sails out into calm seas. The only other marker today is a kiss, Moon sextile friendly Uranus, exact at 3:59 pm.

The Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters dreamy Pisces at 6:02 pm which is bound to turn on your dream machine Tuesday night. Luna then sextiles sweet Venus at 11:33 pm—a goodnight kiss.  

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, February 5

  1. Mary Joseph


    I have tried to contact you based on the phone number listed o the website to pay for my expired subscription.

    Let me know if there is a new phone number.


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