Tuesday, January 9

Green lights — this is a day of Grace.

Charming and agreeable Venus is on center stage in the Skywatch today. She meets passionate Pluto in the heavens a 1:00 am PST early Tuesday morning and travels on to sextile eager Mars at 1:07 pm Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Moon sextiles Mercury at 8:12 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters Scorpio at 12:05 pm. Hold off on finalizing matters while the Moon is V/C, but speak up today. And get in the barber’s chair if you need a trim as Venus is most helpful with all kinds of beautification projects and purchases.

Afternoon hours are the best for priority calls and business as the Moon sextiles dependable Saturn at 4:47 pm. Sextiles bring a good time to take action and to make your case. Evening hours are upbeat as the Sun sextiles Mars at 9:37 pm. Not likely anyone is ready for the sack around this hour.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 9

    1. Kat M.

      Sorry to hear that, Jack; but remember, you still have personal transits that can override daily influences. Take care!


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