Tuesday, July 4

Caution lights. Safety first today.

There are two somewhat confusing elements in the Skywatch on Tuesday. The most difficult show up at 6:05 am PDT when overblown Jupiter makes an inconjunct to spacey Neptune. This is a minor aspect but still suggests trouble/danger around water, poisons, and alcohol—Neptune.

Be very careful today as this marker creates the atmosphere for accidents and those who take stupid risks with life and limb. Garbled communications are also likely on this holiday as Mercury squares rebellious Uranus at 5:51 pm.

The kiss of the day follows at 6:34 pm when the Moon trines Mercury, but Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters jolly Sagittarius at 10:08 pm. And immediately thereafter the Moon opposes Venus at 10:38 pm which could make the last fireworks display a real beauty.

As times change.

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