Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Caution lights are up for much of this month. There are two problems in the Skywatch in June. Mercury continues to Retrograde in home sign Gemini until June 22. Expect difficulties with cars, computers and everything we use to travel in or communicate with. Put a big red X in your calendar on June 14 when we have a powerful and dangerous square between Saturn and Uranus, the two rulers of Aquarius. This will be the second of three squares between these two giant planets this year. The first square was exact last February 17 when the power went out in Texas during a terrible storm. Uranus actions are unpredictable but I suspect the mountains and the earth, ruled by Saturn, will move this month in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Problems with electricity, ruled by Uranus, are also likely to reappear worldwide. Mercury Rx during the two weeks leading up to the big square will make this event even more likely to be destructive and challenging as the energy is strongest in the days preceding the exact alignment. I did find three kiss days this month when astrological skies are friendly and helpful to schedule important appointments and events in your life—read ahead.

Tuesday’s Skywatch is clear and good for work or play. Just remember to double-check the details with Mercury Rx. The Moon enters Pisces at 2:07 am PDT and immediately conjuncts lucky Jupiter at 5:04 am which is bound to put everyone one in a good mood as we start the day. Green lights are up as Luna sails out into calm waters and makes no other connections to planets for the rest of the day and night. Trust your instincts today with the Moon in psychic and creative Pisces. As times change.

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