Tuesday, May 16

More distractions. There’s a big kiss, a big trine between Saturn and Uranus, hanging out in the heavens now that encourages progress and new solutions that work around your home or office.

But there’s static today, too, as the Moon squares undependable Uranus at 3:22 am PDT. Plus the Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters Aquarius at 10:50 am.

Double-check the details as the Moon then squares trickster Mercury at 11:55 am. The hours that follow are much better for important calls and meetings as the Skywatch clears and remains clear for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

1 thought on “Tuesday, May 16

  1. lance Ferguson

    if you are new to this site, please check out the messages up in the header…there are four of them right now…and if you are a member, the June issue is waiting for you to download and read…better days ahead.


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