Tuesday, May 8

Upbeat, but don’t go overboard.

Green lights are up Tuesday morning at the Moon sextiles clever Mercury at 5:50 am PDT and then sails out into calm seas.

The big event in the Skywatch today is the Sun lining up opposite generous Jupiter, exact at 5:39 pm Tuesday afternoon.  Good ideas and connections can come from this pair, but keep your expectations within reason and don’t promise more than you can deliver today.

A friendly Moon-Uranus sextile follows a 7:29 pm.  Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters romantic and psychic Pisces at 8:11 pm.  You’ll get a fresh blast of energy at this moment and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get hooked watching a movie and stay up late.

Dreams can be evocative tonight, too—all from the Pisces ruler Neptune’s touch.

As times change.

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