Tuesday, November 5

A very strange election day.  A potentially violent and challenging Mars Pluto square loads the heavens with difficult energy on Tuesday.  Confusion of some kind is likely Tuesday morning as the Moon squares Mercury Rx at 6:37 am PST.  

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Pisces at 3:08 pm.  Errors and problems with voting machines are more likely in this time period.  And the outcome of the election may take longer than usual to determine.  

The only positive marker in the Skywatch appears at 11:43 pm when the Moon sextiles eccentric Uranus.  I’ve got no predictions on the election.  I will vote and just hope for the best.  

As times change.

1 thought on “Tuesday, November 5

  1. Lance Ferguson

    horrible shooting in Mexico last night…right around the square…
    you’ll see this square pop up several times in the Skywatch next year…and some of them will be with Mars Retrograde….which makes it even more dangerous. Mercury Rx is still around…be careful in traffic today.


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