Tuesday, October 13

Buckle up.

Things get really complicated between today and Nov 3 due to Mercury entering his Retrograde cycle at 6:05 pm PDT early this evening. Delays, breakdowns, difficult weather, misunderstandings, lost keys, and detail problems are all more likely during this three-week period.

Add Mars Retrograde to the picture, and the chances of violence, accidents, and ambulance sirens wailing increases. Mercury begins this Rx cycle in Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars, which is bound to create controversy in your home or office.

Morning hours are the best for important calls and business on Tuesday. The Moon trines brilliant and friendly Uranus at 1:35 pm, but caution lights kick on a few minutes later as the bossy Sun lines up opposite impatient Retrograde Mars at 4:26 pm. We get some help with problems then as Luna sextiles Mercury at 5:19 pm just before Mercury turns Retrograde.

A kind and gentle Moon Venus conjunction offers more peace and agreement to the Skywatch as they meet in the heavens at 7:55 pm. Clear skies follow. As times change.

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