Tuesday, October 10

A big rush.  Caution lights.

The Moon squares impatient Mars at 7:47 am PDT and then opposes grumpy Saturn at 8:41 am.  A Moon-Venus square follows at 1:12 pm.

Moods lighten as Luna sextiles friendly Uranus at 3:24 pm but the Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters Cancer at 8:38 pm.

The kiss of the day follows as the Moon trines Lucky Jupiter at 8:51 pm Tuesday night.  A nasty square between Mars and Saturn is brewing Tuesday evening – be safe and careful - you’ll hear sirens in the city tonight.

As times change.


Jupiter enters Scorpio at 6:20 am Tuesday morning.  He will stay in this fixed water sign for a year and encourages us to heal a part of our lives.  You might profit from looking back at his last visits to this sign as some elements of that time are likely to repeat.

Jupiter was last in Scorpio from Nov/05 to Nov/06, Nov/93 to Nov/94, Nov/81 to Nov/82.

Jupiter’s run through sexy Scorpio will be especially helpful to all Scorpio birth signs and water signs Cancer and Pisces.  This energy will help us all let go of people and situations that don’t treat us with love and respect and to finish an old project– it’s time.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 10

  1. Valerie Mclaughlin

    Would this be a good day to schedule reconstructive surgery?
    Thank you Lance and Leslie ! I love skywatch!!!

  2. Jack M

    I’m glad Jupiter is leaving my first house. All it does for me when it is in Libra is make me gain weight! So much for wonderful Mr. Jupiter. Don’t forget, expansion is not always a good thing!

  3. LagunaLucy

    THANKS for the Jupiter in Scorpio dates! During each of these times I had freed myself from unhealthy relationships with others. It was an emotional cleansing for me.

  4. lance Ferguson

    no this is not a good day for surgery…with Mars in square to Saturn hanging out….this is a frustrating square…and is no help for anything medical. oct 16-18 dates are much better for surgery and anything medical.

    true, Jack….Jupiter in the first helps you put on weight…best to start a diet or to start walking when this time comes around…however Jupiter in the first help you heal and boosts your confidence…

  5. Eirik Nalder

    10/10/2017 5:42 AM Pacific time 1:42 AM UK Time I lost my Fiancé of 16 years to liver cancer….. What does the stars say about that event? I am very heartbroken still the 24th of October 2017…


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