Tuesday, October 22

If you spot Mercury up in the heavens now and watch his movement, you’ll see him back up in reverse gear over the next three weeks. Of course that’s not what’s
really happening, but it appears that way due to the Earth speeding by quickly
and leaving Mercury far behind which is why it appears to be retreating and

Affairs of Mercury are thus impacted during this time period which
includes all forms of communication and the machines we use to travel and
connect with others—all more subject to breakdowns or to malfunction.

Mercury Rx encourages faulty assumptions, errors and even criminal actions—Mercury rules thieves. Best then to give yourself lots of time to complete projects and in traveling as detours and schedule changes are more likely. It’s a good time to shop and compare, to reevaluate your plans and thinking, and to get ready to launch new endeavors after Mercury appears to resume direct motion on Nov 10.

That said, green lights are up this morning as the Moon sextiles friendly
Uranus at 6:21 am. Clear skies follow until the Moon opposes Venus at 7:35 pm and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow night.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 22

  1. Red Fern

    Merc retrograde and void of course moon? Isn’t this ‘sposed to be a good time for do-overs? Like re-submit applications, pull out stalled projects and give ’em a fresh new spin and that sort of thing?

    1. Guest

      Sounds good to me — and good for the federal government re-start, right?

      But, yeah, stalled projects can move ahead again when Mercury goes direct, I should think.

  2. Patty

    I think he said that second paragraph, last sentence. I read this as a good time to finish projects launched before Merc Retro, and to evaluate the next steps coming up. Just a little reality check.

  3. Laurie Miller

    Bart strike ended today, it took hours to get all the trains back on line because the operators weren’t all contacted– also, crazy accidents all over the SF Bay area this morning!


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