Tuesday, October 29

Tackle the hard jobs first thing. Good vibes are in the air this morning as the Moon meets agreeable Venus in the heavens at 8:14 am PDT.

Speak up as the Moon conjuncts articulate Mercury at 10:34 am. Caution lights kick on a minute later as Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters optimistic Sagittarius at 2:58 pm Tuesday afternoon.

Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. Evening hours are friendly — reach out.

As times change.

1 thought on “Tuesday, October 29

  1. Merle Morrigan

    For over 8 years my night dream was tirelessly the same. I have sketched the city I am in, with streets and schools and cafe’s. I was always working at a place that I never got paid, embarrassment because I was never good enough, dressed correctly or my own behavior would betray me as not “enough.’
    Tonite 25/26 it all changed. Not only was I the belle of the ball, but I was GREAT at my job and I still see the $5,000. check I was given. I tried to sneak a look at who was paying me and where located, but dreams are clever. I was even able to cover another co-worker’s debt, cause I got her commission, too! What a change in my usual (boring) dreams!


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