Tuesday, September 18

Caution lights.  A very dangerous Mars Uranus square appears in the Skywatch on Tuesday.

Exact at 4:00 pm PDT, this square puts a challenging tone into the air and will inspire some pilgrims to start an argument or fight—in boardrooms and on the elementary school playground.  Accidents and breakdowns are also more likely with Mars on stage.

The Moon sextiles psychic Neptune at 9:55 am and travels on to conjunct/meet powerful Pluto at 6:03 pm and then sextile lucky Jupiter at 8:25 pm.  These last two connections can help you solve problems and find a compromise as the Moon translates the Jupiter Pluto sextile hanging out in the Skywatch now.

Still, be cool and safe today and tonight.  And pay extra attention to the kids and critters as small problems can get out of hand with this difficult square pushing all the wrong buttons.

As times change.

1 thought on “Tuesday, September 18

  1. Jack M

    I already had an argument with a bus driver this morning, 7:30 a.m. EDT. I hope I have filled my karmic quota for Mars square Uranus today. This is exhausting.


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