Tuesday, September 24

Good news and green lights. There’s a positive and upbeat energy in the heavens today as messenger Mercury makes a very friendly sextile to optimistic Jupiter at 2:01 pm PDT this afternoon.

The Moon ends the V/C cycle from yesterday when she enters generous Leo at 2:19 am and travels on to sextile the Sun at 4:13 am (that’s 6:13 am EDT on the east coast—remember to convert Skywatch time to your local time zone).

Note the moment when the only off-center aspect shows up: the Moon squaring unpredictable Uranus at 12:12 pm. Ask for what you want in the hours that follow and take advantage of the good energy in the Skywatch this afternoon and evening.

Stay up late, and you get another kiss as the Moon sextiles sweet Venus at 12:35 am.

As times change.

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