Wednesday, April 10

We’ve got mixed signals this morning. The Sun squares grumpy Saturn at 1:47 am PDT followed by an easygoing Sun Moon sextile at 3:06 am. And that’s followed by the Moon squaring tricky Mercury at 7:43 am.

Luna then opposes opinionated Jupiter at 10:27 am and turns Void of Course until she enters Cancer at 8:31 pm. Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter starts his Retrograde cycle at 10:00 am and will remain Rx until August 12.

The kiss of the day appears at 2:40 pm when clever Mercury makes an intelligent sextile to powerful Pluto Wednesday afternoon. A friendly Moon Uranus sextile at 11:49 pm suggests an enjoyable nightcap or a goodnight kiss.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 10

  1. Dolores Gedge

    I love this site and all the excellent information you provide. In that light, at the end of the May pdf, where you normally give the next month’s preview, i.e., June dates to be watchful of, the dates are still the May preview instead of June. Thanks again.

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Hello Dolores, yes, we are aware of the error in the May pdf. The editors are working on the correction and I will repost the pdf as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know!


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