Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Extremely dangerous!  Caution lights are up today—slow down and pay attention.

The Moon enters Aries, ruled by aggressive Mars, at 3:54 am PDT early this morning.  Mars is still Retrograde from June 26 and today lines up in a square to unpredictable and explosive Uranus at 7:41 pm early Wednesday evening.

In power all day and night this square between planets in fixed signs (Aquarius and Taurus) is one of the most dangerous aspects to show up in the Skywatch in some time.  Moreover, Mercury is still Retrograde as well, increasing the odds of errors, delays, and confusion around your home or office.

Along the way, the Moon squares grumpy Saturn at 10:45 am adding extra chances of accidents, arguments, breakdowns and rude behavior on the street and in the fourth-grade reading room. This square is going to be a background note for the rest of the week as Mars is barely moving while Rx and stays close to the hot point for days ahead.

One kind note appears at 11:03 pm this evening when the Sun and Moon trine.  Even so, play it safe and cool Wednesday evening.  You’ll hear sirens in the city tonight.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 1, 2018

  1. lance Ferguson

    underdogs tend to win more during Mercury Rx…

    aggressors tend to lose during Mars Rx…

    use these ideas to your advantage…

    1. Eirik Nalder

      lance Ferguson wrote on,

      July 31, 2018 at 7:13 pm:

      “underdogs tend to win more during Mercury Rx…

      aggressors tend to lose during Mars Rx…

      use these ideas to your advantage…”

      NO SHIT! When bad aspects like this happen in the heavens, this actually turns out to be a fine day for me, I tell this to people who do astrology, they say I am “Full of it”


      On ‘good days” astrologically speaking, shit happens to me, i ask, they cannot explain, then I observe myself on astrological ‘bad days’ things go great!

      Am I really Charlie Brown??

      Good Grief!

    2. Stephen

      Well, I managed to secure a consultation with a surgeon relating to an old problem which I had left unattended for far too long (reviewing – a specialty of Mercury Rx). Delighted with this breakthrough.

  2. Wayfaring Traveler

    Lying low in the high country. Perfect day for pulling weeds and deadheading flowers.

    Lance, with your advance warning, it was possible to do town errands before today. Some drivers were already a road rage menace, however, and a couple opportunities for donnybrook verbal exchanges duly noted!

    QUACK-Map much appreciated.

  3. Wren

    “…underdogs tend to win more during Mercury Rx…

    aggressors tend to lose during Mars Rx…

    use these ideas to your advantage…”

    I’m a happy camper today. Finalized a not-fun separation agreement. My compass all along was “Stay on the high side without giving myself away”, and I stuck to it. Phew. It was win-win, but I made SURE I did get to be a winner.

    Very surprising for a Quack++ day. But I DID take all steps and review all info super carefully BEFORE Merc RX and the Quack-a-Doodle.

    I’m ready for a martini…

  4. lance Ferguson

    very good, Wren….your motto carried you through safely….
    you were paying attention and it paid off…
    blessings to you as you rock on….

  5. Alex Troup

    Yes it is a heavy summer 2018 as colors and lights are out of focus….the underdog does win and aggressors do lose while taking a Zen way out is true.


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