Wednesday, August 12

Trouble is brewing. Caution lights are on today and tonight.

The main event is Mars in home sign Aries lining up in a square to dangerous Pluto. This marker will be exact just after midnight and is likely to generate violence, breakdowns and to bring out the worst in some folks on Wednesday.

There’s an additional problem in the heavens this morning as the Sun and Neptune form a confusing inconjunct at 7:32 am PDT. Double-check your briefcase before you leave the house as the Moon is Void of Course this morning until she enters Gemini at 6:46 am.

Pay extra attention to the kids and critters tonight as minor mishaps can turn into emergency room visits with these two bad boys locked up in a challenging square.

This is not the night to gamble in any way.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 12

  1. Jack M

    I had to cross the street this morning just before dawn because I saw a man coming toward me very deliberately and I knew he was going to try and rob me. We were the only two people on the street. Be careful, folks.

    1. Alex

      Jack that’s right observe the people who act in a manner that is confusing at first under this major aspect and good hunting not to he hunted.


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