Wednesday, August 2

Off Center.

The Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 8:44 am PDT this morning – be sure of your facts before you speak up.  Afternoon hours are the best of the day for anything important as the Moon sextiles/harmonizes with lucky Jupiter at 3:55 pm.

Just remember to play things on the safe side with a huge Jupiter-Pluto square hanging out in the heavens now.  Small problems can get way out of hand whenever these two planets are on stage.

Evening skies are clear.  However, Uranus turns Retrograde at 10:31 pm.  The stationing of a planet often marks a turning point in our lives in some way.  Uranus rules the changes in our life.  In Retrograde for five months every year, this is a good time to review the changes you’ve made of late and to make plans for changes you want to make in the future.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 2

  1. Alexia

    Lance ,
    When will we have a good break “energy wise”? It hasn’t been fun. It does help to know what is going on, and know it isn’t me.
    What is a good day this month to order curriculum for this next school year?

  2. Judith Seeley

    I’m looking for the birthday reading for July 30-Aug 5 and I’m not finding it in the members area (I am a member). Can you let me know where to find it? Thank you!

  3. lance Ferguson

    August Kiss Days: 12, 13+, 20, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 30…should have put these up earlier with the crappy start to this month, it’s good to see that we have lots of good days ahead for appointments, or even a few days off…and things will lighten up in general once we get past this Friday…notice how the world is “clenched” right now. Stay cool and in between the lines this week…let times change.


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